Talks on antispeciesism and egalitarianism in Italy


On February I’ll be giving some talks in Italy on antispeciesism and egalitarianism. Here’s the info of the events:

Thanks to all the other people who have made this possible, I’ll see you soon!

A new journal on antispeciesism appears in Italy: Animal Studies

A new journal on antispeciesism has appeared in Italy. Its name is Animal studies: Rivista italiana di antispecismo. You can find the announcement of the launch of this journal in the Italian blog Asinus Novus.

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Talks in Slovenia on veganism and animal rights

Thanks to several great activists in Slovenia, such as Sara Stuva andTeja Brooks Pribac, this week I’ll be giving two talks on veganism and animals rights there. I’ll speak about the ethics of veganism in Koper on Thu 26th at the Faculty of Humanities at 18:30 while a great vegan dinner is served. And on Fri 27th, we’ll have a meeting to discuss animal rights activism in Tivoli Park at 17:00. We’ll enjoy a nice vegan picnic there too!
I must express my gratitude to Sara, Teja and the rest of the Slovenian activists who have made this possible. Thank you!