Talks on antispeciesism in Switzerland and Portugal

In a few days I’ll be giving a couple of talks on antispeciesism in Switzerland and Portugal, these are the dates of the events:

• On May 19, 14:00, I’ll give a talk examining some different courses of action activists can follow to spread veganism and especially antispeciesism. In it I’ll defend that we should aim at making the discrimination of nonhuman animals visible and clear to the public, that our focus should be the defense of their interests (the interests of all sentient nonhuman animals), rather than ours, and that we should apply strategic thinking according to criteria of effectiveness and not restrict our focus to short-term goals. The talk will be at the VeggiePride event in Geneva, Switzerland. There will be several other talks in the event; after my presentation, Adriano Mannino will giver another conference on related issues having to do with effective activism.

• On May 21, 17:00, I’ll give another talk on egalitarianism and the moral consideration of animals. In it I’ll present the reasons why egalitarianism requires that we stop using nonhuman animals as resources, and also (as egalitarianism typically defend in the case of those who are worse off) that significant resources currently used in our own wellbeing should be used instead to assist animals who need the Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal, chaired by Cátia Faria. In it I’ll try to respond to and hopefully complement some of the arguments presented by Peter Vallentyne in “On Mice and Men: Equality and Animals“.

(PS: Before that, on May 15, I’ll be giving another talk at the University of Basel , with the title “How Paradoxical Is Ethics?”, though this one will be on general ethics, not in Animal Ethics. It wouldn’t be strange, though, if Animal Ethics were tackled also in the talk!)

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