Convocatorias para trabajos en ética animal en inglés

Para quienes os mováis por los mundos (o submundos) académicos, aquí os pongo dos convocatorias para publicar trabajos en inglés. Ambas están impulsadas por el Centro de Ética Animal Ferrater Mora de Oxford. Una de ellas es una petición de artículos para una nueva publicación centrada en la cuestión de la consideración moral de los animales no humanos. La otra es más ambiciosa y tiene como fin la publicación de libros sobre el tema. 

Call for  papers for the new multidisciplinary and international Journal of Animal  Ethics to be published by the University of Illinois  Press in partnership with the Ferrater Mora Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in 2010.

    *   The Journal will be a  journal of inquiry, argument, and exchange dedicated to exploring the moral  dimension of our relations with animals.  

    *   Its aim is to put animals  on the intellectual agenda and to stimulate discussion within academic and  professional institutions.  
    *   It will be  multidisciplinary in nature and international in scope, as well as  peer-reviewed.  
    *   It will cover theoretical  and applied aspects of animal ethics – of interest to academics from the  humanities and the sciences, as well as 
professionals working in the field of  animal protection.  
    *   The Journal will comprise:  full-length scholarly articles, shorter articles, “Argument” pieces in which  authors will advance a particular 
perspective (usually related to current  affairs) or respond to a previous article, review or research report, as well  as review articles and reviews.  
    *   The Editors will be  Professors Andrew Linzey and Priscilla N. Cohn.

We are looking for articles (3-5,000 words), “Argument”  pieces (1-2,000 words), reviews and review articles that have relevance to the  ethics of our treatment of animals. ontributions should be sent via email to the co-editor,  Professor Andrew Linzey, at, who would also be pleased to discuss  potential contributions. Books for review should be sent to the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, 91 Iffley  Road, Oxford OX4 1EG, United Kingdom.

The Palgrave Macmillan Series on Animal Ethics
Edited by Andrew Linzey and Priscilla Cohn

A new book series for a new field of inquiry: Animal Ethics. Interest in the ethics of our treatment of animals has increased markedly over the last 40 years. This series will explore the challenges that Animal Ethics poses, both conceptually and practically, to traditional understandings of human-animal relations.

Specifically, the Series will

  • provide a range of key introductory and advanced texts that map out ethical positions on animals;
  • publish pioneering work written by new, as well as accomplished, scholars, and
  • produce texts from a variety of disciplines that are multidisciplinary in character or have multidisciplinary relevance.

Authors are invited to send ideas and proposals (via email) to Professor Andrew Linzey, Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Please email to request a proposal form.


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